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Claudia Jimenez-Bossert

Original Acrylic Paintings

About the Artist:

Claudia Jimenez-Bossert is a uniquely talented, contemporary artist, who is passionate about each of her paintings.

From a young age, Claudia has had an expressive style, utilizing fine lines, brush strokes and textures to portrait her vision.

Capturing color through an innovative use of lighting and shadowing, her work has a brilliance that brings her work to life.

Claudia takes also commissions for Horse and Pet Portraits .

She paints Original Artwork as well as providing her art on Canvas.



I'm originally from Mont​errey, Mexico, now living in C​alifornia​.

Art is an integral part of my life, I choose to paint with acrylics,
some paintings I use an abstract or black background with texture, are the base of my artwork which lead me into painting the focal object of the piece.
When working on a piece, I am completely engaged in the process. In order to keep my subject matter fresh and exciting,

I frequently get the urge to experiment with different techniques, changing my themes depending on the time of year, location or inclination.


''I feel I've been blessed with a Special Gift and it's incredibly satisfying to know that I can use my talent to bring joy into the lives of others''.

Artist's Statement


Graphic Design and Marketing




Figure Drawing & Painting (Miguel Angel Ricardez)

Acrylic Class (Monica Rodriguez)

Drawing Private Studied (Holly Wach)

Acrylic Painting Course (Marcy Wheeler)

Nude Figure Long Pose (Jody Matisson)

Drawing the Nude Figure (Andrew Ameral)

Figure and Portrait Painting (Ted Seth Jacobs)

Figure Painting (Karen Sherr)


Special AWARDS


2014      "Cascade"               Acrylic / 2010          Blackhawk Gallery, Danville CA
2014     "Majestic"                  Acrylic / 2014         Blackhawk Gallery, Danville CA
2015     "Musical Passion I"    Acrylic /2015          Bothwell Art Center, Livermore CA

For your home, business or office, art is a great investment financially and personally.

Art plays a key role in the environment you surround yourself with.

Clau Bossert.- Mojo

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