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Grace grew up in Mexico City and moved to California in 2005. As a young woman she took a variety of painting classes, learning color and various techniques. After moving to California, she fell in love with the coastal mountains and landscapes of Central and Northern California. She completed an Associate Degree in Art at Skyline College in San Bruno, and also completed a second Associate Degree in Computer Technology.

Grace has shown in many galleries and exhibitions in Mexico and California. For a complete listing of Grace’s shows and awards, please visit her website.

Artist's Statement

I started painting as a young girl and remember noticing a leaf on the ground and studying the patterns and colors.  I thought to myself “how incredibly perfect nature was.” I was determined to capture that intense feeling on paper, and that determination has not left me since then.

I use color to organize my compositions, and I am not shy in my use of colors.   I paint mainly in oil, but I also paint in acrylic, watercolor, pastel, graphite, and china ink.
I have chosen nature as my main subject, because for me nature is a sacred thing.  I feel a spiritual connection to something bigger and more powerful than myself.  This is especially true for water.  The ocean is a powerful and unstoppable force, and I see the ocean as a miracle of creation. I am also interested in abstraction and I let myself free when I work in my abstracts, using color to guide me in the process.

"Tide Pools Abstraction" Oil on panel 6 x 6 inches

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