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Pamela McCauley

Watercolor and Oil Painting

Pam grew up in a family of painters, her mother painted into her 90's. She attended Occidental College and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and a teaching credential. She taught high school art in the Los Angeles Unified School System, until she started a family with husband, Tom. Twelve years ago she started back painting and hasn't stopped since.

Recently, she became a joint owner of Main Street Arts, an art gallery located in Martinez at 613 Main Street. Her work is also currently on display at Floral Arts and Robert Jenson Salon both in Lafayette. She is a member of Martinez Art Assoc., CWA, and vice president of exhibitions for the Lamorinda Arts Alliance. Her work has been shown throughout the East Bay in many venues. Recently she has given demonstrations for the Concord Art Assoc. and the Pinole Artisans where she was also guest artist.

She primarily works in watercolor and oils. And claims to be an unabashed colorist, who sees color as value. Still life and figures are her primary focus although she has recently joined a plein air group. Her favorite quotes are; “inspiration exists, but it has to find you working,” from Pablo Picasso and “not painting is not an option,” from her mentor Debra Huse.