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Terry Blair


Artist's Statement

I have been painting all my life no matter what I did for a living. I have sold at open studios, art fairs, to friends, co-op galleries and ETSY.
Almost seven years ago I had the opportunity to take a weaving class at Ghost Ranch in Northern New Mexico. I thought I was just doing some art cross training but I got completely hooked on weaving. I now spend much of my time weaving, learning to be a better weaver by doing. Working with color and texture, it doesn’t get any better than that. I weave both personal pieces like scarves and shawls as well as house linens like dish towels and table linens.
I often work with luxury fibers because they feel so wonderful to handle throughout the process of weaving. Plus we all need some handmade luxury in our lives, don’t we?
I also enjoy creating tapestries so all those years of painting is still in use.